DocVault Realizes over $1.4 Million in Annual Savings For Clients!

by Ben Fink

DocVault has been in use now for over 4 years and has obtained enough data to calculate actual efficiency gains with our clients. The efficiency measures below reflect the savings for providers and since DocVault continues to be no cost to state and federal agencies, the benefits become much larger.

Current Nationwide DocVault Statistics in

 Licensing and Monitoring Modules

Total Document Requests/Submissions: 79,000

Total Electronic Pages Stored: 6,802,110

Total Cost to Print (Paper & Ink): $319,700.00

Average Client Statistics

Average Electronic Pages Stored: 56,700

Average Cost to Print (Paper & Ink): $2,664.00

Average Annual Monitoring: 4

Average Annual Staff Cost: $2,000.00

Annual Cost: $12,656.00

DocVault Fee: $480.00

Total Average Annual Savings per Client: $12,176.00

Annual DocVault Savings All Clients: $1,461,120.00