“Chronos DocVault” originated from legislative priorities that consistently emerged as the need for administrative efficiencies specifically in the area of contract monitoring. In response to these needs, in late December of 2008 ChronoSolutions was engaged by the Florida Coalition for Children to develop a secure electronic document storage and retrieval system to be used for monitoring by multiple agencies. In January of 2009 ChronoSolutions delivered the first version of the system, now named “Chronos DocVault”, for user testing.

Since origination Chronos DocVault has been documented to saving countless hours in staff time and printing costs to our partners. A member of the Florida Coalition for Children has been quoted in saving 849 staff hours in one year due to the use of Chronos DocVault.

State legislation in both Florida and North Carolina have recently made Chronos DocVault an even more viable option for providers by requiring state agencies to accept electronic monitoring documentation. Based on these legislative efforts, Chronos DocVault continues to gain momentum by adding new agencies daily.

“Chronos DocVault” Overview

What it is:

  • Electronic document storage and retrieval
  • Secure system access by anyone with internet connection
  • Secure data storage in a secure disaster prevention data center
  • Access to documents controlled by document owner
  • Electronic record of document requests & permissions
  • Simple, intuitive interface – 10 minute learning curve
  • Virtually unlimited storage

Why use it:

  • Efficiency – produce multiple documents for multiple agencies with a keystroke
  • Accuracy – provide the correct document every time
  • Eliminate Duplication – handle each document only once
  • Simplify Recordkeeping – track document requests electronically
  • Access to “state of the art” Technology at reasonable cost

How it works:

  • Request user name & password
  • Login to system
  • Upload documents
  • Receive email requests for access to specific documents
  • Allow or deny document requests