DocVault Monitoring and Provider Licensure Module
In 2011, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 1366 mandating DCF and AHCA to use an electronic document management system like DocVault instead of the tedious hard copy process used in the past for administrative monitoring. We are pleased to announce the release of our newest version of DocVault 2.0. This version includes enhanced ability to store more document types allowing your agency to use DocVault for any type of monitoring from grants to independent audits.

DocVault Foster Home Licensing Module
Our newest module in DocVault allows agencies that license foster homes to electronically store and process applications. Pioneered by Benchmarks of North Carolina and piloted by providers and state licensing staff, this new module has greatly reduced paper flow and postage. Agencies are not only seeing a faster application process but are also fired up about being able to use a new home as soon as they are alerted by DocVault that their application is approved…no longer having to wait for the paper license to arrive in the mail!