Our team values our partners and clients. Over the past decade we have been fortunate to be a part of great relationships.  We feel the best way to inform new or potential clients of DocVault is to share what current users are saying!


“The DocVault electronic foster home licensing system is a tremendous asset to county departments of social services, private child-placing foster care agencies and the North Carolina Division of Social Services Licensing Authority.  This system is easy to use and very worker friendly.  Foster home licensing transactions are processed more efficiently.  Agencies have an opportunity to correct errors more timely.  Agencies receive notification regarding the issuance of licenses as well as other licensing transactions more quickly.  The system has an administrative component that allows supervisors and managers to follow the progress of foster home transactions. “


Bob Hensley, Licensing Team Leader North Carolina Division of Social Services


“Our agency spent hundreds of dollars each year mailing licensing packets to the state. The ability to interact with the state licensing staff electronically about questions and errors has reduced mailings and time. Doc Vault has not only saved us a considerable amount of money but has reduced the time it takes for families to be licensed and changes to be made. When money and time are of essence, Doc Vault makes a difference.”

Cindy Thomas, Easter Seals


My experience with the system has been positive.   From a small agency perspective, I was concerned about the cost vs. benefit.  That being said we have already signed on to continue using the system, it is worth the investment. Turnaround time for all actions has been significantly better than those actions submitted by mail. We are able to see quickly if there is a problem or any additional paperwork needed. This communication has also decreased wait time for licenses. We are able to respond immediately to questions instead of getting the license packet back in the mail to be resubmitted.

The DocVault team has been responsive in answering questions and helping us understand the system.”

Cathy Isaacs, Family Preservation Services


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