Chronos DocVault is a secure electronic document processing application focused on reducing application process time, printing costs and staff time.

DocVault is more than a repository of scanned images for future retrieval. It is a living element in your company that evolves paper and inefficient application process into a fully integrated electronic data flow.


With data available at your immediate call there is no longer a need to search through a file cabinet, scan for an email attachment or scroll through a shared network folder to find what you need.  DocVault is tailored to integrate into your current process flow creating efficiency and impressive savings.  We do this with electronic forms, tiered approval roles and historic data archival allowing to always know where you are in a process and what data exists.


One of the best things about DocVault is the cost of use. We don’t charge the typical development and implementation fee to companies or government agencies wishing to utilize DocVault in their external process. Whether it is a new vendor application, a facility license or an individual certification, DocVault creates the environment for you to utilize your process at a fraction of the cost of an internal system by passing fees to the external users wishing to have access.


Please contact us for a free analysis of your current process to determine how DocVault can change the landscape of how you utilize data. Call 813.810.6995  for more information